About Poly Outdoor Furniture

About Poly Outdoor Furniture

Welcome to Poly Outdoor Furniture

We appreciate your interest in our products. We are a family owned and operated business. I (Harvey) have been around the Poly Lumber industry for some time. The first contact I had with Poly was when a job opportunity arose, building decks with it, as a contractor for a company that sold this product

After 3 years of deck building, the company offered me a job in sales so I took up the offer. I was employed there for 5 years. During that time customers were asking me where they can buy lawn furniture made out of this product.

A customer that used Poly to build birding products asked if there was anyone in the area that was looking for a side job. His business was growing and he needed help in cutting parts. I always wanted a family business so in 2001 we started out in our 24 x 24 garage. We now build a larger variety of birding products. A complete line of furniture was added since.

Where Is Poly Outdoor Furniture Located?

In 2006 we moved our family and business from Lancaster County to Lewisburg, PA. into a larger building to fit our growing needs. We now have a sales lot at our house which my wife and daughter take care of. The boys are by my side helping me out where they can. We sell a large selection of Poly Furniture, Birding Products, Vinyl Specialty Products and Maintenence Free Vinyl Swingsets. We can deliver to you anywhere in the U.S.A. Thanks again for your interest in our products. And remember, quality doesn't cost, it pays.

We would be glad to serve you in what ever way we can!

Harvey & Family