Window Mount Tray

Window Mount Tray

  • Model: GMWMT
  • Dimensions: 12 1/2"W x 71/2"D

Large platform brings birds to your window!

Enjoy your birds from any window in the house. Great for over a kitchen sink, at the breakfast nook or near your favorite chair.

Platform feeders are so versatile! Fill the feeder with the foods your birds love--seed blends, fruit, suet cakes, pellets or nuggets. A variety of foods attracts a wide variety of birds.

Feeder attaches to the window with four strong suction cups AND the feeder is made out of RECYCLED plastic so there will never be a need for maintenance! It is a very strong tray/feeder and you will never need to worry if it will be able to hold all the birds it will attract! 

Sit back and enjoy!