Bat House - Twenty-Colony

  • Model: GM20CBH
  • Dimensions: 16"W x 2 1/2"D x 16 1/2"H

Invite a beneficial colony of bats into your backyard with the 20 Colony Bat House. Meticulously designed for efficiency, this sizable bat house will allow for a much higher occupancy percentage than smaller units. The interior chamber surfaces and reinforced landing platform are crafted from deeply grooved poly, creating an excellent clinging surface for landing and roosting bats. Poly Bat Houses are made from recycled plastic bottles making them very good for the environment.

These are some of the finest and most durable outdoor products that we have ever seen.  The color is impregnated into the recycling process. It maintains a solid color throughout no matter if it is scratched or gouged. And since it is made out of recycled plastic,  you can leave it out and never worry about painting it. Or any other maintenance for that matter!