Wren House - Buggy

  • Model: GMGWH
  • Dimensions: 8"W x 10 1/2"H

Poly Bird products are made from recycled plastic bottles making them very good for the environment.

These are some of  the nicest  and most durable wild bird products that we have ever seen. Since they are made out of RECYCLED plastic, These products will likely look just as good in 10 years as the day they are installed.

The poly lumber also has a smooth nonporous surface that will easily wash off with a bleach solution should mold accumulate.
These will make nice gifts that will be enjoyed for many years to come by avid bird watchers. Perfect retirement, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, and other special occasion gifts.
Poly lumber is very durable rot and UV resistant sustainable lumber used for outdoor projects. Unlike wood, it does not dry out or split and unlike plastic, it will not become brittle and break in extremely cold temperatures.
The lumber color is also impregnated into the recycling process, so it stays a solid color throughout  no matter if it is scratched, gouged cut or sanded.