Wren House

  • Model: GMWH
  • Dimensions: 7"W x 7 1/2"D x 8 1/2"H

The sound of singing wrens transports everyone who hears it to a gentler place. This bird house is designed to help you make that enchanting song a permanent part of your summer evenings by encouraging a family of wrens to make their nest in your yard. With its perfectly-proportioned size, this bird house is a surefire way to bring the sweet sounds of singing wrens into your outdoor space.

Additionally, this bird house will keep the song going for years and years thanks to its ultra-durable poly construction. Made from recycled milk jugs here in the USA, poly is a long-lasting material that turns into something bright, vibrant, and beautiful in the hands of our expert craftsmen. 

Set it out in your backyard and get ready to enjoy a busy season of beautiful songs!