Garden Classic Rectangle Table 44"x 72"

  • Model: GCIT4472
  • Dimensions: 44"x 72"
  • Weight: 149 lbs

The Garden Classic Dining Collection makes outdoor dining taste better. Maybe it's the atmosphere -the gentle breeze, the sound of birds singing sweetly or the laughter of children playing in the grass. Our dining tables bring a whole new meaning to " eating out"  This  Garden Classic 44" x 72" table comes in 3 different heights -dining, counter and bar height. It also comes with an umbrella hole that includes a plug when you don't want to have an umbrella in. There are also matching dining, counter and bar chairs available - see links below to each chair. This table also comes in 32 beautiful colors to match any decor and seats up to 8 people. . USA made of 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, this table can be left out year round in snow, rain, sun, sand and salt water. It is made with chrome plated stainless steel fastners, used in the  marine salt water industry. 

This table seats 8!



44" x 72" Garden Classic  Dining Table

   (31 " H,   149 LBS)

GCIT4472D  44" x 72" Rectangle Dining  Table    $1,552                                Matural Finish-call for prices 

*Price for    Dining rect, table  w/ 8  Garden Mission Side Chairs - $4,016                                 

*Price for  Dining  rect.  Table w/ 8 Comfo Back Dining Chairs-$4,356

 * Price for Dining rect. Table w/ 8 Cozi Back Dining Chairs-$4,356

* Price for Dining rect.  Table w/ 8 Classic Terrace Dining Chairs-$5,332


44" x 72" Garden Classic Counter Table

 (35.5 IN,  159 LBS)

GCIT4472C    44" x 72" Rectangle Counter   Table  $1.570                     Natura Finish-call for prices.

*Price for   Counter rect. table  w/ 8 Garden Mission Counter  Side Chairs - $4,256                                 

*Price for  Counter rect.Table w/ 8 Comfo Back Counter  Chairs-$5,,136

 * Price for Counter rect. Table w/ 8 Cozi Back Counter  Chairs-$5,136


44" x 72" Garden Classic Bar Table

  ( 39" H , 169 LBS)

GCIT4472B  44" x 72"  Rectangle  Bar Table  $1,678                          Natural Finish-call for prices.

*Price for Bar rect.  table  w/ 8 Garden Mission Bar Side Chairs$4,478                                      

*Price for  bar rect. Table w/ 8 Comfo Back Bar Chairs-$5,294

 * Price for bar rect. Table w/ 8 Cozi Back Bar Chairs-$5,294


Base price is for the dining table.

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