Comfo-Back Deck Chair

  • Model: PCTC2400
  • Dimensions: 27" W x 48" H x 30" D

Take a load off in our comfiest deck chair yet! Excellent for relaxing after hard days’ worth of yard work or just to chat with friends, this chair will keep you supported year after year with it’s poly wood construction. Poly wood is a special product made from recycled plastics that lasts through anything the weather can throw at it; sun, rain, sleet or snow, all without rotting, splitting or cracking. This chair is available in many colors, making it easy to match to any décor.

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  • Taupe
  • White
  • Burgundy
  • Turf Green
  • Regular Cedar
  • Black
  • Choco Brown
  • Aruba Blue
  • Taupe on Black
  • Burgundy on Black
  • Regular Cedar on Black
  • Regular Cedar on Turf Green
  • Regular Cedar on Choco Brown
  • Taupe on Choco Brown
  • Choco Brown on Black
  • Scarlet Red
  • Pacific Blue
  • Kiwi Green
  • Sunburst Yellow
  • Mango Orange
Standard Colors:
Natural Colors: