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A-1 Standard Climber

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Our A-1 Standard Climber swing set offers a flexible foundation for play at a great value. This playset comes standard with rung climbers to the tower, and a three position climber swing beam. This swing set include a belt swing, baby swing, and trapeze. If that's not enough visit our accessories section for other optional parts.

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Price : $1,727
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  • Required Space: 19'w x 22'd
  • Dimensions: 13'w x 14'd x 8' h
  • Weight: 486 lbs.
  • Tower: 2' x 2' deck
  • Deck Height: 5'
  • Access: Rung Climber and flat step ladder with access railing
  • Slide: 10' wave slide
  • Swing Beam: 3 position climber
  • Swings: belt swing, baby swing, trapeze
  • Anchors: 4
  • *Border: 1' landscape timber
  • *Mulch: 1 ton rubber mulch, 8 cubic yds. wood mulch
∗Recommended, not included

    A-1 Standard Climber