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RL-10 Cliff Lookout

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The Cliff Lookout swing set offers loads of fun and excitement. With three deck heights, and tons of tower access options, the sky's the limit. Kids can climb the jungle bars, scramble up the rock wall, or run down the twelve foot ramp. While atop the towers, spin the steering wheel and keep an eye on things through the bubble panel, binoculars, or periscope. At the bottom of the avalanche slide, discover the clubhouse, tic-tac-toe board, picnic table, two belt swings and trapeze. With so many possibilities for fun, this playset will actively encourage kids to discover all the joys of the great outdoors.

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Price : $11,124.00
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  • Required Space: 40'w x 30'd
  • Dimensions: 32'w x 22'd x 16' h
  • Weight: 2,432 lbs.
  • Tower: 5' x 9' double with jungle bar tower
  • Deck Height: 5', 7', 9'
  • Access: 12' Ramp
  • Roof: (2) gable roof
  • Climber: 5' rock wall with rope
  • Slide: 14' avalanche slide, 9' tunnel express slide
  • Swing Beam: 3 position single high beam
  • Swings: (2) belt swings, trapeze
  • Anchors: 2
  • Accessories: 5' x 5' lower deck, 5' x 5' clubhouse, tic-tac-toe panel, steering wheel, bubble panel, periscope, fire pole, 4' x 5' picnic table
  • *Border: 140' landscape timber
  • *Mulch: 4 ton rubber mulch, 17 cubic yds. wood mulch
∗Recommended, not included

    RL-10 Cliff Lookout